Born of Wind: An Epic Fantasy Novel

Born of Wind takes place in a unique world that perfectly intertwines nature with fantasy. A story about finding one’s purpose, friendship, love and social conflicts, Born of Wind is a must-read for all lovers of fantasy novels.

David Copperfield: Overcoming Life’s Trials

One of the most heartbreaking books I’ve read, David Copperfield tells the story of David, starting from the hardships and the physical abuse he has endured as a child until his redemption in adulthood.

The Secret Adversary: For Young Adventurers

Childhood friends Tommy and Tuppence decide to advertise their services as “young adventurers,” and so begins their mystery-solving partnership. Perfect for young adventurers. And when I say young, I mean everyone.

A Little Princess: On Bearing Hardships

As my second Frances Hodgson Burnett novel, I can say with certainty that she knows exactly how to tug at reader’s heartstrings. A Little Princess is a good reminder that all trials eventually come to an end.

The Enchanted Castle: Magic Turns Into Reality

A delightful classic novel about magic, explorations, secret passages, playing pretend, wishes, imagination, truthfulness, friendships and a little bit of romance, The Enchanted Castle made me wish I were a child again!

Centricity: A Cyberpunk Novel

Centricity is a science fiction novel that centers on society’s extreme dependence on technology to survive in the dangerous dystopian city of Naion. Despite the aid of technology, it’s definitely a scary future to live in.

The Secret Garden: Reconnecting with Nature

The Secret Garden is an inspiring novel about the healing power of nature, exercise, laughter, good food, positive thoughts and gardening shared with kind and supportive friends.

The Green Ember: A Story of Hope

The Green Ember is a story of courage and hope in the midst of a disaster that has forced rabbit siblings Heather and Picket to embark on a perilous adventure and seek answers about their family’s mysterious history.

Pride and Prejudice: My First Jane Austen

Pride and Prejudice is my first Jane Austen and my first time to read a book set in the regency era. This classic showed me how human behavior in the early 1800s are relatable, relevant and important even up to this day.

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