The Enchanted Castle: Magic Turns Into Reality

A delightful classic novel about magic, explorations, secret passages, playing pretend, wishes, imagination, truthfulness, friendships and a little bit of romance, The Enchanted Castle made me wish I were a child again!

Centricity: A Cyberpunk Novel

Centricity is a science fiction novel that centers on society’s extreme dependence on technology to survive in the dangerous dystopian city of Naion. Despite the aid of technology, it’s definitely a scary future to live in.

Heidi: Life in the Swiss Alps

This book shows five-year-old Heidi’s life on the alps. It’s the perfect read for when you want to escape to a peaceful place surrounded by God’s handiwork—sweet-smelling flowers and fresh mountain air.

The Secret Garden: Reconnecting with Nature

The Secret Garden is an inspiring novel about the healing power of nature, exercise, laughter, good food, positive thoughts and gardening shared with kind and supportive friends.


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I’m Macy, a book blogger from the Philippines. I spend most of my time reading, writing and dancing, but this space is for my love of books and sharing what I learn with you!

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